The Best “Done For You” Customer Newsletter Marketing System on the Planet

No Hassle Newsletters are the secret to getting more profitable repeat business and the referrals you deserve. Watch this video and discover how it helps you grow your business quickly using the power of newsletter marketing. Click the image to play.

If This Sounds Familiar, We Have A Quick And Easy Solution For You!

With No Hassle Newsletters, we not only solve the problem of “not knowing what to put in your newsletter” – we also solve the “time crunch” and expensive problem of designing it! No Hassle Newsletters are Done-For You! With the Concierge Client Support Team Plus option, the No Hassle Concierge Client Support team can even print and mail your newsletter for you!!

Let me talk about content.

Premium Content

Every month, No Hassle Newsletter members receive 12+ pages of our World Famous Customer-Loving™ content. This includes professionally written articles covering a wide variety of topics and subjects that your customers, clients, and patients will love to read. As a member, you’re free to use it all in your newsletter.

Let me talk about content.

Diverse Article Categories

Each month we provide a vast selection of articles written by professional writers. Here are just some of the categories you’ll find every month:

  • Quotes of the Month
  • Calendar Items
  • Work Tips
  • Healthy Living
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Financial Times
  • Home and Family
  • Success & Personal Growth/li>
  • Senior Living
  • Increase Your 'Tech' IQ
  • Odds & Ends
  • Real Estate and Mortgage
  • Safety Monitor
  • Fun & Games

Ready-To-Go Templates

Platinum No Hassle Newsletter Marketing System members receive amazing ‘Ready-to-Go’ templates. Our creative team prepares 2-page and 4-page newsletters in black and white and full color versions. These templates are filled with articles your customers will love, and editable in Microsoft Word for easy customization.

Take A Look At How Amazing The NO Hassle Newsletter Templates And Content Are!

We know that once you start sending a printed client newsletter, you will be a client for life. They work that well!

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"They Look Great - But Do You Have A Newsletter For My Business?"

Bottom line: your customers are not interested in a newsletter full of ‘business’ stuff. You may be interested in what you do, but they’re not. They are busy and time strapped just like you.

Yes! I'M Ready To Get Started

Catchy Introduction

“Hey there! Ever wondered if your business needs a newsletter? Well, here’s the scoop: Your customers couldn’t care less about mundane ‘business stuff.’ They’re busy, just like you. But fear not! We’ve cracked the code to crafting newsletters that captivate and compel.”

Engagement Formula

Our secret sauce? A simple yet potent newsletter formula. Picture this: One lead article shines the spotlight on your success story—your monthly triumph. Then, sprinkle in a dash of personality with a shorter, more intimate piece. It’s a blend of fun, intrigue, information, and entertainment.

Customization Magic

“Oh, and about that template? We’ve got you covered. Our talented designers can whip up a custom masthead tailored exclusively to your business. Dive into a world of possibilities with just a click—check out some of our stunning mastheads!”

Industry Diversity

“Curious about who’s on board? Our No Hassle Newsletter family spans industries far and wide. From supply chain management to magic shows, we’ve got your back. Here’s just a glimpse of the eclectic mix of businesses thriving with us.”

Our Templates are used in diverse industries

With diverse content, our templates are being utilized successfully in dozens of different industries. Remember it’s not about your industry, it’s about the human being on the receiving side.

Take A Look At How Amazing The No Hassle Newsletter Templates And Content Are!

Join as a No Hassle Newsletter Member and let our print and mail department handle everything! Place a concierge order, provide your mailing list and template, and at lightning speed your newsletters will be printed, addressed, and mailed. Experience top-notch service with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Now, that’s service!

ROI: Your Potential Return On Investment Is Huge!

How much time would you have to save, or how many new customer sales would you have to generate to make this minimal marketing investment pay off big time for your business?

The truth is, not many!

Are You Looking For Another Income Opportunity?

If you’re a coach, consultant, or marketing guru to your own customers, you may be interested in my No Hassle Newsletter Master Reseller program!

Marketing Guru
With Master Reseller, in addition to promoting your own business with a newsletter, you can sell my newsletters and content to your own customers for a price you choose! Master Reseller gives you the opportunity to add another revenue stream to your business!

You can view a video about the Master Reseller program by Clicking Here.

The Power Of A Customer Newsletter Here Is What The Experts Say

I’m and his team currently serve hundreds of clients in nine countries every month, like you, boost your profits with an awesome ‘Done-By-Us-For-You’ No Hassle Newsletter.

Are you ready to join the team?!

So, What’s The Investment?!

We are glad you asked! We have two options: one for your own business use and one you can resell to other business owners.

Platinum Newsletter Marketing System

This is most popular program because it includes everything you need to generate more repeat and referral business !

Your Own Platinum Master Reseller Business

Create a new stream of revenue with full reseller rights! Produce your own newsletter, plus you can offer a newsletter service of your own!

“Customer-Loving” Content
Custom Article Generator
Discounted Printing & Mailing
12+ Pages of Monthly Content
Discounted Printing & Mailing
Done-for-You Newsletter Templates
Industry Specific Templates
Custom Mastheads Available
30-Min Marketing Strategy Call
Master Reseller Rights
Master Reseller’s Marketing Toolkit

$197 /month

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$447 /month

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But What If We Need Help?

Rest assured, we are here to help you!

No Hassle Newsletters is operated by Profit 911 Consulting and includes a real team of client support professionals who are standing by, ready to help you make newsletter marketing a big success for your business! Just reach out by phone or e-mail.

Phone 309-767-0004

Yes, you can actually talk to a knowledgeable caring person on the telephone and get your questions answered!


Many questions are very common and email is fast and efficient way to get help!

Video Tutorial

Here is a very informative videos that answers 99.9% of newsletter questions!

Seal the Deal with Our Iron-Clad Guarantee

It’s Time to Elevate Your Business—Start Today!

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Ready to supercharge your business and skyrocket your profits by attracting more repeat and referral business? Act now and witness the transformative power of No Hassle Newsletters firsthand!

100% Iron Clad No Hassle Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll love the time-saving benefits and increased profits with No Hassle Newsletters that we offer our 100% Iron Clad No Hassle Newsletter Guarantee!

Our Unwavering Commitment to You

When you join us today, you’re not just becoming a member—you’re entering into a partnership built on trust and satisfaction. No questions asked!

Zero Risk, Guaranteed

Rest assured, you have zero risk when you choose No Hassle Newsletters. You have a full 7 days to request a refund from the date you sign up. Also, there is no term commitment. Cancel anytime. 

Frequently asked questions

What types of newsletters are available and can they be used for our business?

This was answered above; please click here to see our answer!

What kind of content can I expect?
We provide a huge assortment of content on a wide variety of topics and subjects. Please click here to see our longer answer above!
Can you create content specific to our business?

We provide content that your customers will love to read. We do recommend one lead article about your business and if you don’t want to write that article we will write it for you (additional fee applies)! 

Can you do our entire newsletter for us every month?

Yes! Busy entrepreneurs love our Platinum Plus Concierge Level Service. You simply sit back, approve the proof and let us do the rest. Please call 309-767-0004 for more information.

I’m confused, what’s the difference between each level?

Level 1 is to be used in your one business entity. Level 2 may be reused and resold.

What do I need to do to get started; I’ve never done a newsletter before?

We have created No Hassle Newsletters just for you! Everything is laid out and easily explained in the member materials. You will be contacted by a member of our client support team AND we’ll also email you immediately with some easy to follow instructions. Bottom line: our team is here to help!

What is all of this going to cost us per month including print and mail?

There is no quick answer to that since it depends on your membership level and how many newsletters you print and mail. By the way, the higher your quantity, the lower the per-piece rate. Essentially though, your investment in getting more repeat and referral business in made up of two pieces: your monthly membership rate which you can find in the chart above, and also the cost for printing and mailing which you can also find in the Concierge chart by visiting the printing and mailing page.