Frequently asked questions

What types of newsletters are available and can they be used for our business?
This was answered above; please click here to see our answer!
What kind of content can I expect?
We provide a huge assortment of content on a wide variety of topics and subjects. Please click here to see our longer answer above!
Can you create content specific to our business?

We provide content that your customers will love to read. We do recommend one lead article about your business and if you don’t want to write that article we will write it for you (additional fee does apply)!

Can you do our entire newsletter for us every month?

Yes! Busy entrepreneurs love our Platinum Plus Concierge Level Service. You simply sit back, approve the proof and let us do the rest. Please call 309-767-0004 for more information.

I’m confused, what’s the difference between each level?

You can see the benefits of each program in this handy chart, or a member of our client support team would be happy to talk with you. 

What do I need to do to get started; I’ve never done a newsletter before?

We have created No Hassle Newsletters just for you! Everything is laid out and easily explained in the member material. You will be contacted by a member of our client support team AND we’ll also email you immediately with some easy to follow instructions. Bottom line: our team is here to help!

What is all of this going to cost us per month including print and mail?

There is no quick answer to that since it depends on your membership level and how many newsletters you print and mail. By the way, the higher your quantity, the lower the per-piece rate. Essentially though, your investment in getting more repeat and referral business in made up of two pieces: your monthly membership rate which you can find in the chart above, and also the cost for printing and mailing which you can also find in the Concierge chart by clicking on Printing and Mailing services in the menu.